Why did mikasa kill eren

Below, I explain the answer to the question, Why did Mikasa kill Eren?

Mikasa Tries to do the right things. She does it irrespective of losing Eren. She is the best to do it according to Eren. 

She sets Yamir free that way. 

Why did mikasa kill eren

Why did Mikasa kill Eren in chapter 138?

It’s because Mikasa Knows the intentions of the Eren. Eren kills several his freinds. Eren has a mission to put the entire planet in destruction. Mikasa Killed him to protect the Planet.

Why did Mikasa marry Jean?

Mikasa Marry jean is unclear in the manga. Mikasa And jean has feelings. It is never expressed in the main story. It considers that Mikasa marries a man that looks like a jean. We never say the face of that man in the manga. 

Does Mikasa regret killing Eren?

Mikasa has no regret about killing The Eren. She does it to make the world safe. She gets a peaceful life and family later. Read Eren beats Armin. 

Did Mikasa love Eren?

Mikasa loves Eren. She kisses Eren several times. 

She thinks positive about him and is loyal to him. 

Did Mikasa die?

Mikasa never dies. She sacrifices his love for Eren to free Ymir Fritz. Titans end the world. 

Who killed Eren?

Mikasa kills Eren to save the entire world from Titan’s constant invasion. 

Mikasa’s History Makes Her Sympathetic To Oppressed People

As the descendent of both the Ackerman faction and the Hizuru, Mikasa understands being the casualty of oppression. Her precursors were pursued near the regal Eldian family administering the Island of Paradis, making her a pariah among outsiders.

Due to her experiences, Mikasa can remain receptive when she moves through disappointed characters like Onyankopon and Kiyomi Azumabito. There is definitely not a solitary person who Mikasa can’t relate, making her a strong and dependable partner.

Mikasa Inherited Stoic Personality That Levi Have:

Mikasa’s Ackerman blood makes her a genuine awe-inspiring phenomenon in the war zone. In any event confronted with the cold of an Intelligent Titan.

The psychological side of Mikasa’s solidarity originates from her unemotional way for deal with life. Toward the finish of the series, there is no aggravation that can wreck her feeling of equity. In any event, losing Eren is simply one more hiccup. She can survive.

Mikasa Never Shies Away From The Truth:

Mikasa gets ready to battle Annie in Attack on Titan. Explore fanart of shoot todoroki.

Mikasa’s genuineness is both engaging and splendid. In the absolute first episode, she talks about Eren, Carla and Grisha making mindful of their child’s likely arrangements. While Eren would prefer to stay discreet, Mikasa exposes them to reality and has space to move around.

Regardless of her steadfastness to Eren, Mikasa picks truth. This second portends Mikasa’s future where she’s ready to remain faithful to herself while the associations she was once a piece of fall.

Mikasa Is One Of The Most Loyal Characters In Attack On Titan

Assault on Titan Hange Comforts Mikasa

Mikasa’s unwavering is effectively quite possibly of her best quality. In the series, Mikasa helps Eren by loaning her edge to him. Mikasa even stays faithful to her companions. 

As Queen, Mikasa would have ensured an existence of extravagance. In any case, she denied her right to the crown for remaining close to her companions. No matter what circumstance she regards herself in, Mikasa figures out how to battle for the right goal since she remains faithful to truth and equity as opposed to her own cravings.

Mikasa Fights For The People:

Mikasa Standing On Top Of Her First Titan Kill – Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is a lady of individuals. While most of the characters in AoT overlook the existence of the observers killed by the childish and ravenous, Mikasa never passes up on the opportunity to support these individuals.

When confronted with Dimo Reeves’ covetousness during the Battle for Trost District, Mikasa attracted her sword to safeguard of individuals of Trost. Indeed, even Mikasa’s companionship with Eren can be made sense of as the consequence of her endless compassion for the people who need safeguarding.

Mikasa Always Puts Justice and Truth Above Her Own Self-Interest:

Assault on Titan is a novel anime. It focuses on authenticity over feelings while plotting out its conflict. Anime series like Naruto and Black Clover make a solid effort. Then again, Hajime Isayama invests all of his energy sorting out some way to obliterate his fans’ expectations.

In any case, notwithstanding all the discouragement. It spins out of control through the pages of Isayama’s widely praised manga series. There is still Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa is the unemotional encouraging sign and equity that fans require when everything trust is lost. She may not be All Might, yet she is the nearest thing fans will get in a show like an Attack on Titan.

She’s Emotionally Volatile, Often Threatening Her Enemies And Even Her Allies:

Mikasa can stay apathetic and keep a cool head the battle against the Titans. Be that as it may, this isn’t similarly the situation to her human partners. 

She’s seen compromising or in any event, going after them through and through.

It would be a certain chance that this was just something she did to her foes. However, this side of her emerges around her partners too. Exacerbating Armin hadn’t controlled her. Read about Shoto Todoroki fanart 

She’s Passive And Will Put Her Own Desires Aside When It Comes To Eren

Mikasa is commonly an extremely searing individual who’ll give her best for guard Eren. Nonetheless, the simple demonstration of her enlisting in the military for him shows one of her significant personal imperfections – that she is so ready to surrender her own fantasies essentially to ensure his security.

Mikasa never needed the existence of a warrior, not for her nor for Eren. She would have maintained that they should carry on without a serene with their loved ones. It is the sort of thing she ought to have battled more enthusiastically for instead of obliging Eren’s vengeance-powered impulses.

She Can Come Off As Incredibly Cold And Even Inhumane At Times:

Because of Mikasa’s steadfastness to her single, faithful objective joined with her horrible past. She tends to fall off cold and inaccessible. Aside from Eren and Armin, she has no interest at all in making companions, and will frequently wind up estranging others for basically an off-base glance toward Eren.

She likewise has an unfortunate behaviour pattern of undermining others’ lives and falling off perilously vicious. These aren’t dangers that she at any point finishes, yet they never really help her picture. With her cool outside. It’s difficult to determine what she’d really do.

She Holds Grudges, Even Against Others Who Saved Her Life:

Levi and Mikasa’s relationship got going on a rather rough balance. Mikasa attempted to mediate when Levi was beating on Eren during the preliminary and must be genuinely controlled. She has held resentment against him from that point forward.

That isn’t the time he got harsh with Eren, and Mikasa ventured. In any case, these feelings of resentment weren’t sound, as Levi had his reasons. He’s even acted the hero in various events.