.Benefits of Bilingual PreSchool In Singapore

.Benefits of Bilingual PreSchool In Singapore

The best time to start your child learning two languages is in preschool. Speaking English and Mandarin fluently will surely improve their prospects for the future, and the advantages extend far beyond this. Let’s discover further.

  1. Enhance communication skills

Most parents are worried that their children would be confused and unable to learn a whole new language in bilingual preschool while they haven’t even mastered their first language. The fact is that your children will be able to join in and understand others’ conversations better with a new language.


By learning a new language, children can have more knowledge and train their brains. It is helpful for multi-tasking and swapping off from specific tasks.

  1. Learning a new culture

Since we can’t separate culture and language, the bilingual preschool in Singapore will undoubtedly expose children to various cultures. Children can become more accepting and tolerant if they learn to appreciate different cultures, traditions, and values.


Some movies nowadays are slowly introducing more and more Chinese culture, and the actor speaking the language will trigger the children to grow interested in the culture. By learning a new culture and language, they may grow interested in other cultures and proceed to learn more languages. It will only enhance their benefits as they grow up.

  1. Best time to expose your child to a second language

Studies show that the earlier you learn a new language, the better off you are with it. Children can learn a language at any age, but the best time to learn a new language is when the child is born and the age of 7. Hence, attending a bilingual preschool in Singapore is beneficial as it helps engage your children in new languages from a young age.

  1. Extended focus and attention spans

Bilingualism has been shown to support focus and help block out distractions in a time and place where it seems screen time and the internet are making it difficult for individuals to focus on one specific work at a time.


Consider that a bilingual person’s brain is continually switching between two languages. It is to select the appropriate vocabulary and suppress or modify superfluous words or syntax depending on their language. As a result, multilingual brains are more adept at tuning out outside distractions and concentrating on a single activity.

  1. More creative

Kids who use language to express themselves can think in novel ways and solve problems in various ways.


Creativity is influenced by your surroundings and experiences rather than something you are “born with.” Studies are currently looking into the connection between creativity and bilingualism. According to research, bilingual kids’ improved executive functioning abilities significantly boost their creativity.

  1. More opportunities

Being bilingual and bi-literate is beneficial when applying to institutions. The ability to speak another language will stand out as a skill and as evidence of the cognitive development, skills, and behaviors that have led to this success. One will benefit from having these bilingual skills and supporting brain studies during their academic career.


Being bilingual expands job options in addition to providing a benefit when applying to colleges. Collaboration is becoming more and more important as businesses become worldwide. The ability to speak two or more languages makes it possible to work with more people and in more places. Finding employment will be simpler as a result.


From all the benefits shown above, sending your child to a bilingual preschool helps them long-term, even affecting their growth. But, not all the bilingual preschool in Singapore is suitable for your child.


Every child is different, and as a parent, we should choose the right preschool among all of the bilingual preschools in Singapore depending on their facilities, teacher’s experience, and sort. It will give our children an enjoyable environment while learning another language. If you are interested to learn more about bilingual preschools in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact us.