Why did Eren Yeager turn evil:

Below, I share the quick answer to the question, Why did Eren Yeager turn evil;

Eren loses his mother and several friends. He wants to get freedom at all costs. These traumatizing incidents shape his thinking. 

He finds the utopia in destruction. 

It shifts into a strong antagonist with proper vision. 

Why did Eren Yeager turn evil

Why did Eren turn evil in Season 4?

The titan’s attack kills Eren Yeager’s close friend. 

His several friends also kill in titan invasions. It turns his pain into evil. 

Is it good or bad in season 4?

Eren is bad in season 4. The titan’s constant invasion lose his friends’ lives. 

Why did Eren kill 80% of humanity?

He wants his friends to eliminate him. His vision is to make the world better through destruction.

Why did Eren turn evil Reddit?

According to the Reddit platform, At his most horrendously terrible Eren turned into a savage beast to everybody around him out of the possibility that it was basically impossible to get around it and no one. He could take care of the conflict. Eren might have saved the world. However, decide to watch it consume. Read Do guys like stuffed animals

His Hatred For The Titans

Since he conceived, Eren needed to be free. Dissimilar to many people around him, he felt like a detainee within Paradis and knew that to get his opportunity, he would have to kill the titans. It wants to inspire him to turn into a trooper. He did numerous brave things toward the start of the series. It would likewise lead him down a dim way later on.

Carla Yeager from Attack On Titan

His contempt for the titans fundamentally expanded after the Colossal Titan broke into Shiganshina, permitting the titans within the walls. They ate many individuals, including Eren’s mom, Carla. He and Mikasa attempted to save her. However, she implored them to let her go so she could safeguard them. They would not do. Hannes needed to remove them as they saw Carla get eaten.

Turning into A Titan Himself

It accepts that the titans were the main miscreants the primary characters would confront. Along these lines, Eren turning into a titan foreshadowed that he would turn into the series’ most prominent bad guy.

He acquired the Founding and Attack Titans from Grisha, not realizing that he ate his own dad for quite a long time.

Learning The Truth Of The Outside World

For quite a long time, Eren needed to realize what was in the cellar of his life as a youngster home. In any case, when he found out, he wasn’t content with the response. While he thought for quite a long time that the titans were the Eldians’ greatest dangers and that humankind lived within Paradis, there were a huge number of individuals beyond the walls that loathed the Eldians and transformed them into the titans.

Figuring out What Would Happen In The Future

Eren contacts Historia’s hand and sees his future in Attack on Titan.

Perhaps the greatest thing that made Eren change was knowing who he would ultimately become and not having the option to stop it. Because of Historia having regal blood and him being the inheritor of the Founding Titan, when he contacted her hand, he had the option to witness things.

Losing Faith In A Peaceful Solution

Armin, Mikasa, and Eren see the sea in Attack on Titan.

Eren would have rather not acknowledged what he saw and was frantic to concoct another arrangement. He depended on his confidants to assist him with thinking about a way they could live in harmony without him turning into a mass killer. Nonetheless, they couldn’t do anything for him and gradually looked as he walked out on them. Inside a couple of brief years, he went from being a dear companion and their desire to bring somebody they scarcely knew and couldn’t confide in.

Collaborating With Zeke

Zeke throws Eren a baseball in Attack on Titan.

At this point, Eren went to Marley all alone. He had the option of subtly meeting with Zeke and behaving like a mindful sibling to trick him. He professed to concur with Zeke’s objective of working everything out such that Eldians could presently not conceive. It is allowing Eren to start the Rumbling when they at long last entered the direction. Assuming Zeke had been more careful around Eren, he would have had the option to accomplish all that he worked for and Eren could never have killed such countless individuals.

His Courage Never Fails

One of Eren’s most noteworthy characteristics is his tenacious mental fortitude. He was able to forfeit himself for other people and face inconceivable chances even before he understood the force of his titan structure.

This was conspicuously exhibited through his protection of Armin, whether fighting off domineering jerks (frequently fruitlessly) or saving others from a titan by putting himself in’s way.

His Gullibility Made It Difficult To Expose Reiner

Reiner Braun transforming into the Armored Titan

Eren’s guilelessness is a frequently undiscussed inhabitant of his personality. As well as being excessively trusting (at the series’ start), he couldn’t identify the unfairness of Reiner and Bertholdt regardless of having invested more energy with them than some other of the Scouts.

He was excessively credulous to accept the double-crosser even after the Armored Titan expressly let him know his personality.

His Determination Is Incredible

Eren is maybe the most steady, versatile, and decided individual from the Scouts – a reality that Levi was leaned to recognize him on notwithstanding the young fellow’s absence of perceptible expertise. Since he never surrendered, he had the option to adjust to Annie Leonhart’s battle techniques and gain the advantage against Reiner.

Besides, it furnished him with the drive not to permit his mom’s demise to crush his soul for all time.

His Aggression Has Frequently Endangered Him

Annie Leonhart Female Titan assault on titan

Eren’s boldness might give him a vital drive to overcome his enemies, yet it has disadvantages when bravery becomes hostility and stupidity. At the point when Annie Leonhart sought after him and different scouts through the timberland, he pivoted to battle her and save the existence of his associates.